Webinar European B2C market of health services; a dangerous market with incredible health potential

9 maart 2021

VNO-NCW/MKB Nederland, Federatie voor Gezondheid, Sitra and ICT&Health organiseren op 9 maart het webinar 'European B2C market of health services; a dangerous market with incredible health potential'

Invitation and program


Co-producers VNO-NCW/MKB Nederland, Federation for Health, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and ICT&Health cordially invite you for their webinar on March 9th, 09.00-10.30 am (CET).

If you look closely, you see there is a European digital B2C health market emerging. We think that this market can become a strong lever for more sustainable health systems and ultimately healthier European populations. Assumingly, the digital health services will support European citizens in using their natural ability to grow, recover, heal and deal with the problems of life themselves. However, a well-functioning B2C health market does not emerge by itself. The danger is that public interests may be compromised. Therefore, we must think about how to proactively shape the right market conditions and secure that European values are embedded in the new health services by default. By doing so, Europe will achieve the incredible health potential of this emerging market.

In this webinar, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra – one of the leading institutes in this field in Europe – will share their vision on the topic and also present the results of their survey on wearables and wellbeing data in four European countries in June-July: Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


  • Opening & welcome: Thomas Plochg, director Federation for Health (moderator)
  • Introduction of the topic in European perspective: Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, IHAN - Human-driven data economy, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
  • Results of the Health Wearable Survey Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra: Tiina Harkonen, Leading Specialist, IHAN - Human-driven data economy, Sitra
  • Highlighting a few examples of digital health services in The Netherlands
        * Fitchannel by Aart-Jan van Triest
        * Vital10 by Roderik Kraaijenhagen
        * Vital Health Philips by Bert Verdonck
  • Panel discussion with experts reflecting on the emerging digital health market
  • Lounge of the health data challenge by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


Don’t miss this unique webinar. Register now by sending an email to a.peters@federatievoorgezondheid.nl


The online video platform Fitchannel tailors the product to their users. Many people enjoy exercising when it suits them. Fitchannel is a web-based service with more than 800 online workouts, healthy recipes and coaching. The coaching module was added when the data showed that usage started to level off after six weeks.

Vital10 was founded by medical care specialists with the aim of helping people with their health (B2C). We are building an ecosystem for health with all the help you need to stay healthy and vital. We offer you care close by with guidance in your own environment, so that you do not need to go to the hospital or other healthcare institutions unnecessarily. That way you keep your freedom. You are central to the ecosystem. Based on your personal needs and preferences, we offer you help that you can rely on and that strengthens you. We believe in a holistic approach to health. It only makes sense to take good care of yourself if you also take good care of your living environment, also called “One health”. Something that is good for you is often good for the earth and vice versa, something that is not good for you is also not good for the planet. That is why sustainability is also very important to us.

Vital Health Philips
Philips VitalHealth was founded in 2006 by Mayo Clinic and Noaber Foundation and acquired in 2017 by Koninklijke Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA). As part of Philips' population health portfolio, Philips VitalHealth aims to improve people's health and enable better health outcomes through digital solutions for value-based and collaborative care. Philips VitalHealth is part of a strong ecosystem of integrated solutions. Healthcare organizations are enabled to better understand their patient population, coordinate care and involve patients in their care. Philips VitalHealth is a leader in outcomes measurement, care coordination and patient engagement, based on the Philips VitalHealth Platform.


Don’t miss this unique webinar. Register now by sending an email to a.peters@federatievoorgezondheid.nl